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School Store

Welcome to the eCADEMY K8 school store

We have partnered with Fully Promoted to make eCADEMY K8 branded merchandise available to families.  We are starting out with just a few options to get the store started. The online store basically works like most online stores you are used to, but there are two small differences.

  • For $4.95 processing, your entire order will be packaged up and delivered to our eCADEMY K8 office for pick up.  Alternatively, you have the option to pay for direct shipping from the online store. (processing fee still applies)  
  • Our store "closes" on April 3rd.  This means that for a short period, we will no longer accept online orders.  On April 3rd, ALL orders will be processed and prepared for delivery.
  • A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will help support the eCADEMY K8 Activity Fund. 

Thank you for your support.