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Go Guardian

  • Educational Technology has launched the GoGuardian Parent.  GoGuardian Parent is an application available on devices running iOS and Android designed to enable IT Administrators to share managed user history collected via GoGuardian Admin and GoGuardian Teacher with verified parents and guardians. GoGuardian Parent provides Parents and Guardians with the ability to pause their children's internet, block specific websites, and schedule internet availability on managed Chromebook devices (does not work with iPads).
    • Go Guardian will only monitor and affect Chromebooks and Chrome browsers that are signed into by a student.  This means that a student who signs into the Chrome Browser on a personal laptop or desktop will be subject to monitoring of their activity in Chrome.  Other computer activity outside of the browser, on personal devices or tablets are not subject to monitoring.  This is true for the Go Guardian parent app as well.
  • More information on Go Guardian
  • Oct 20, 2020 - Dragon Lair Cafe video


  • Istation is a testing environment that is accesses by student in grades K-2.  Students are required to access the Istation app on their APS Chromebook or iPad, select our school ecademy.albuquerque.nm, and then use the username and password provided by their teacher.  Watch this video tutorial for more information.

Scan documents to Google Drive from mobile phone

  • The Google drive app, on both iOS and Android, can directly scan physical documents into a students Google Drive.  All you need is the Google Drive app on a mobile device where the student is signed into their APS Google Account.  Follow the instruction found in this article.

Student Chromebooks