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Vol. 1 Issue 5 - December 18, 2020

Thank you!

We want to thank you for the provision of time to meet with you during our Parent Teacher Conference days.  Our staff enjoyed having the time to meet you and to really discuss the academic growth of your child(ren) during conferences.  It is always a joy to just have a spot of time to showcase growth and partner with you in a plan to better support any academic needs for support.  

Partnering for Success

Dragon Lair Cafe

We have been offering workshops for families to better navigate the this virtual learning environment, as well as offering topics we believe will be beneficial to families as a resource.  Our Dragon Lair Cafe's are live streamed on most Tuesday evenings at 6:00 PM, and you can find the topic and link on our school website here.  (Scroll down to the Calendar links)

Our next Dragon Lair Cafe will take place Tuesday, December 8th at 6PM.  The topic will be:  Adolescent Alcohol Use and Abuse Presented by:  Roberto Rivas - Volunteer Resource Coordinator Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Visit our website calendar for the link to the YouTube live session.

New Attendance Policy

As of December 2nd attendance will be submitted to the district daily as opposed to weekly. For students to be considered "Present" and not be marked absent during remote learning, students must meet one or more of the following daily learning requirements:

Present In Google Meet Defined as: participation in daily live interaction activities such as Google meetings, or small group instruction. Students will be considered present regardless of whether their camera is on.

 Present Asynchronous Defined as: 

  • Participation in the district-designated learning management platform (Seesaw, Google Classroom, or Edgenuity).

  •  1:1 interaction with educators via telephone, text message, or email.

  • Evidence of completion and submission of assignments via the district-designated platforms or other mechanism. Note: when a student is unable to submit assignments via a district-designated platform, they shall be allowed to submit assignments via emails, photos, phone conferences, paper packets, or other forms of documentation.

Attendance is expected in ALL classes and small groups, including music, art, etc. 

Community Resources

The City of Albuquerque through CARES Act funding has created the CABQ Community Impact Fund, offering $2,000 to qualified applicants. Applications will open Dec. 7, 2020. For more information, please call 505.768.3000.

The CABQ Community Impact Fund seeks to provide a one-time emergency COVID-19 grant of $2,000 to Albuquerque families experiencing financial hardship.

Program Summary

The City of Albuquerque seeks to provide emergency assistance to families who were previously excluded from federal stimulus aid, do not qualify for unemployment or paid sick leave benefits, or have experienced loss of employment due to a COVID-19 workplace shutdown. The Fund will award nearly $2.5 million in CARES Act funding for Albuquerque families who are experiencing hardship directly tied to the pandemic.

Visit the city webpage for more information.

Midyear Parent Survey

We have included in this Newsletter a link to a survey that we are requesting parents fill out.  This is different than the survey you have been asked to fill out by APS; it is specific to our school community.  The survey will provide to us some much needed feedback from you as families about your experience as an eCADEMY K8 parent thus far.  This data will be utilized solely by the eCADEMY K8 Leadership Team to make decisions about any immediate adjustments that need to be made, but more importantly, will guide our decisions as we plan for next year.  While this has been a truly significant year for all of us, and for a plethora of reasons, next year stands to be truly special as we think about creating and developing programming based on the input from our families.  As an online magnet school, there will be many aspects that will be truly unique to our sweet school, but we have great opportunity to genuinely impact student learning in a robust manner.  While many may focus on the negatives of online learning, we choose to focus on the positives; but your feedback is critical in this process.  

You will find the link to the eCADEMY K8 Midyear Parent Survey here.  We will also send this out via email.

Important Dates



Teachers will be working on their website, and on a communication plan, which will be posted on their website.  We understand mutual communication can be a great challenge in a completely virtual environment, but it is a critical element in finding educational success for your children.  To that end, we want to be sure families know where they can look to find each of their teacher’s communication plan, so it doesn’t become a bigger barrier.  Please continue to look for these updates, teachers are making these additions each day. 

Additionally, we know reaching the office and a live person has been far more difficult than it should be, so we have been working diligently to ensure families are able to reach the school staff needed.  The main office number and office staff emails are as follows:

Main line: (505) 816-9550

Any of these ladies can assist with connecting families to staff and are committed to responsiveness to our families.