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Enrollment - Start Page

Hello and thank you for your interest in enrolling your student with eCADEMY K8. We are excited to work with you and your student and welcome you to our community. We know that we provide a unique opportunity for students to learn from home so we feel it is important to clearly define expectations before you enroll. This is why we have an application process. In this process it is important that you carefully read all of the documentation presented to you and take note of any questions that arise. In the process, you will be given an opportunity speak to one of our staff to discuss your questions.

Students do need to reside in the APS boundaries to enroll. Please see the details below. 

Thank you again for your interest!

School Year 2023/2024 Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in our magnet school. Please fill out this eCADEMY K8 Interest Form. Please read and respond to the questions below so we can follow up with you regarding enrollment.

eCADEMY K-8 will enroll out-of-district transfer students that reside in the greater Albuquerque Metro Area as defined below if space is available.

  • Rio Rancho
  • Los Lunas
  • Belen
  • Edgewood
  • Moriarty
  • To'hajiilee
  • Pueblo communities in the greater Metro area

K-8 will close enrollment at week 9 of each semester. After this, there is an extenuating circumstance application that goes through administration for approval. Priority is given to students with documented medical needs.

Please note that this does not guarantee a spot for your child at eCADEMY K8 Magnet School. It will provide us with the information we need to move forward with the application process. 

Kinder at eCademy k8

Considering eCademy k8 for your kinder student? Please watch the following video.