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Is Online School the Right Fit?

About Online School

Thank you for considering eCADEMY K8 for the 2020-21 school year.

We want you to have the information you need to make the right choice for your child and family.  This checklist will help you decide if full-time online school is the right fit.

Online School is Full-time, REAL School that includes:

  • Real grade-level learning outcomes 

  • Real academic workload

  • Real assessment 

  • Real teachers

What APS Provides:

  • Comprehensive curriculum

  • New Mexico certified teachers

  • Student/ teacher ratio that is the same as face-to-face classes

What Families Should Know:

  • Full-time, online school is truly a family lifestyle  

  • Each student must have an adult with the dedicated time and motivation to fill the role of learning coach

  • Time commitment is approximately 30-35 hours per week, but will vary from student to student, depending on each student’s age and ability to work independently

  • Learning coaches should expect to dedicate learning time daily as follows:
    • Grades K-2:  About 5-6 hours per day
    • Grades 3-5:  About 3-5 hours per day
    • Grades 6-8:  About 2-3 hours per day
  • Learning time includes online lessons, real-time meeting with the teacher,     and offline     activities 

  • Daily attendance in online and real-time digital lessons is required

  • Daily schedules can be flexible as long as they are built around real-time lessons with the     teacher

  • The learning coach is the first line for technology and network troubleshooting

How Students Will Benefit:

  • Demonstrate persistence through working on tasks through completion 

  • Ask for help when needed

  • Demonstrate age-appropriate organizational skills

  • Curious and interested in learning new things

  • Demonstrate age-appropriate focus and attention

For additional information, please see the Family Role Details Page.