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Vol. 2 Issue 2 - September 3, 2021

Welcome Back To School
thank you!

eCADEMY K8 Dragons:

Hello families.  Thank you for being a part of our community and for your resilience as we begin the school year.  Your students should be logging in daily engaging with their teachers, both synchronously and asynchronously.  We hope that your connection is going smoothly.  Please reach out to your teacher(s) if you have questions or concerns.  Everyone at eCADEMY K8 is interested in making your experience with us positive and productive.

Edgenuity workbooks for elementary

Great news, Edgenuity and Fundations workbooks are in and ready to be distributed.  We have schedule dates and times for pickup and have them posted to our website calendar.  Calendar events are embedded in this newsletter and on our homepage.  We also have a full month calendar view here.

These workbooks allow for the completion of some Edgenuity activities outside of the digital space.  This provides students with an opportunity to give their eyes and attention a break from the screen.  Students can complete the activity in their workbook and submit a photo of completion to their teacher.  Updated APS Chromebooks have the ability to fold into a tablet making taking photos of work very easy.

Art and Music materials will be available for distribution in the near future. Please stay tuned for updates.

Student Devices.

If you are new to eCADEMY K8 and you don't have an APS issued Chromebook, you will need to come in and check one out.  If you currently have an APS issued iPad, then you will need to come in and exchange it for a Chromebook.  Please refer to our Devices and WiFi page for more information.

Attendance and engagement

Attendance is incredibly important, for both in-person learning AND remote learning.  In middle school, students are expected to attend their synchronous meets by showing up on time and staying for the full duration of the meet. During asynchronous days, please follow the expectations of your teachers to be marked present. In elementary, students are expected to attend every meet that they are scheduled for during the day, including their specials classes.  

Beyond attending synchronous meets, students need to spend their independent learning time completing tasks in Edgenuity and work assigned by their teachers. The school day is scheduled from 8:30 to 3 daily. 

Finally, ParentVUE is the official communication channel of eCADEMY K8.  While it may be supplemented by other systems like Gmail and Chat, important messages are being sent via ParentVUE messages and families are expected to login regularly.  Don't miss important information and make sure to log in regularly via the web or mobile apps. 

Interested in helping establish our PTO?

It has been one tumultuous year and we want to thank you for sticking with us through the twists and turns.  Now that we have a little breathing room, we are ready to welcome a PTO to our community.  When the year began, we reached out looking for families that might be interested and would like to do so again.  If you would like to help us establish and grow a PTO here at eCADEMY K8, please email Vincent Montoya.  We look forward to connecting with you.

eCADEMY K8 Book Fair

Sept. 6 - Sept. 19

Our Book Fair is online and helps our students discover new books, favorite characters, and more! Every purchase earns our school rewards for much needed resources. Plus, shipping is free on book-only purchases over $25.

Thank you for instilling a love of reading and supporting our Book Fair!

Curriculum night.

Our curriculum night on Thursday September 9th, will kick off with a live stream introduction from our administrative staff.  After the short introduction, you can proceed to the individually scheduled Meets found in the Curriculum Night letter sent to you in ParentVUE.  This letter will be sent by the end of day on Tuesday, September 7th. 

Please join us. 

Coffee with the Principals

Join our Principals for a cup of coffee and a chat, virtually of course.  Take a look at our calendar for scheduled times.

Important Dates

Full Month Calendar

After School Clubs

We are ready to get After School Clubs up and running again.  We currently have a tennis club available and it is posted to our Clubs and Activities webpage.  We have teachers ready to start up other clubs as well but we want to make sure we have students who are interested.  Please have your student fill out this form to indicate their interest in potential clubs.  They must be signed into their APS Google account to fill out this interest form.

Did You Know? 


Inclusion is the practice of including all individuals, regardless of their level of ability, in the learning community. The aims of inclusion are to secure opportunities for all students to learn alongside each other in general education classrooms with a focus on equal access to education for all students. This allows for the focus of education to be on the students’ abilities, not disabilities. Inclusion allows for all students to become accepting and understanding of one another’s talents, ideas, needs, personalities, and abilities. Inclusion in schools helps to foster a climate of acceptance, understanding, and respect.


Do you own a business?

We are looking for sponsors to provide prizes for our 8th graders to be given away after our 8th grade Carnival on May 21st.  Please reach out to Vincent Montoya directly if you think you could donate items that would be good as prizes.  Some ideas include, a free donut if you own a donut shop, an hour of bowling if you own a bowling lane, gift certificates to your business or even gift cards to another local business.  We are open to creative ideas.

Thank you to our first sponsor who donated digital Amazon gift cards.  They are recognized on our Sponsors page.



Families, please do not hesitate to reach out to your student's teacher, counselor, or dean if you have any questions during this final quarter of the 20-21 school year.  These final months can be busy and filled with activity, but it is not the time to let communications fizzle out.  Whether by email or by phone, we want to hear from you!

Our main office number is (505) 816-9550.  Please visit our Administrative Contact Page to reach us school Admin and Staff.  Linked names will open a website dedicated to that staff member and may contain additional contact information.  The envelope will open a contact form that will send out an email.  If a phone number is listed, please feel free to dial them directly. And finally, all staff at eCADEMY K8 can be reached via the mobile ParentVUE app. 


eCADEMY K8 Social Media

eCADEMY K8 has staked its claim in the social media worlds of Twitter and YouTube. We are looking forward to taking advantage of both of these platforms to share successes and connect with families.  Our Twitter account will be used as a supplement to the official communications that are sent out to families via Schoolmessenger and Synergy and will never contain critical information shared through these channels.  However, we do hope to Tweet out celebratory notes or helpful reminders for families.  If you don't use Twitter, no worries.  If you do, follow us @ecademyk8 .  

We have also established our channel on YouTube and moved our previous Dragon Lair Cafe videos to this new channel. Please subscribe to our channel and click the notification bell so you will get notified when we go live or when we post new videos or video announcements (coming soon).