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Vol. 1 Issue 10 - May 21, 2021

Student Devices over

the summer.

Student Chromebooks and iPads should be returned to APS if you are not returning to an APS school in the fall.  If you need to turn in your device you can:

- Call 505-830-8080 and schedule a time to take it in to our Technology department on Oak (near Lead and I-25.

- Call your neighborhood school and ask if you can drop it off with them.

- Or, you can call us to schedule a time to return your device to us.  

If you are returning to an APS school in the fall, even if it is not eCADEMY K8, then please keep your device over the summer and care for it appropriately.  Device maintenance tips can be found on the Devices and WiFi page of our website. Remember, these are school devices and should be treated as such.  Monitoring for abuse will continue over the summer.

Summer Access to

Learning Material

If you would like your student to continue working in some of their online environments, there may be opportunities to do so.  Please keep an eye out for communications from your student's teacher about any online learning environments that may be available for your student.  These communications will be coming out soon.


Interested in helping

establish our PTO?

It has been one tumultuous year and we want to thank you for sticking with us through the twists and turns.  Now that we have a little breathing room, we are ready to welcome a PTO to our community.  When the year began, we reached out looking for families that might be interested and would like to do so again.  If you would like to help us establish and grow a PTO here at eCADEMY K8, please email Vincent Montoya.  He will be dedicating some time over the summer to get things organized for the fall.  We look forward to connecting with you.

Do you own a business?

We are looking for sponsors to provide prizes for our 8th graders to be given away after our 8th grade Carnival on May 21st.  Please reach out to Vincent Montoya directly if you think you could donate items that would be good as prizes.  Some ideas include, a free donut if you own a donut shop, an hour of bowling if you own a bowling lane, gift certificates to your business or even gift cards to another local business.  We are open to creative ideas.

Thank you to our first sponsor who donated digital Amazon gift cards.  They are recognized on our Sponsors page.


Calling all blood donors!

Looking for an opportunity to give back to the community?  No need to stretch out your checkbook, instead, we'd love it if you'd stretch out your arm and donate a pint. eCADEMY K8 in partnership with Lyfstyl Fitness is hosting a blood drive on June 23rd from 2-7PM.  We are tentatively scheduled to set up Vitalant in the gym at eCADEMY High School.  Once we have final approval to use this location, we will send out communications with appointment links and maps to parking.  We hope you will save the date (open link in browser on mobile) and join us in donating a pint to help the community.

Important Dates

eCADEMY K8 is great for Kinder students.

For new Kinder families enrolling for the Fall.

If you know a family who is considering online learning for their Kinder student, please let them know about eCADEMY K8. Our kinder teachers are excited for next year and are already planning for a fantastic year.  Feel free to watch and share the following video presentation from our kinder teachers and students.

Kinder Promo Video

Did You Know? 


Inclusion is the practice of including all individuals, regardless of their level of ability, in the learning community. The aims of inclusion are to secure opportunities for all students to learn alongside each other in general education classrooms with a focus on equal access to education for all students. This allows for the focus of education to be on the students’ abilities, not disabilities. Inclusion allows for all students to become accepting and understanding of one another’s talents, ideas, needs, personalities, and abilities. Inclusion in schools helps to foster a climate of acceptance, understanding, and respect.



Families, please do not hesitate to reach out to your student's teacher, counselor, or dean if you have any questions during this final quarter of the 20-21 school year.  These final months can be busy and filled with activity, but it is not the time to let communications fizzle out.  Whether by email or by phone, we want to hear from you!

Our main office number is (505) 816-9550.  Please visit our Administrative Contact Page to reach us school Admin and Staff.  Linked names will open a website dedicated to that staff member and may contain additional contact information.  The envelope will open a contact form that will send out an email.  If a phone number is listed, please feel free to dial them directly. And finally, all staff at eCADEMY K8 can be reached via the mobile ParentVUE app. 


eCADEMY K8 Social


eCADEMY K8 has staked its claim in the social media worlds of Twitter and YouTube. We are looking forward to taking advantage of both of these platforms to share successes and connect with families.  Our Twitter account will be used as a supplement to the official communications that are sent out to families via Schoolmessenger and Synergy and will never contain critical information shared through these channels.  However, we do hope to Tweet out celebratory notes or helpful reminders for families.  If you don't use Twitter, no worries.  If you do, follow us @ecademyk8 .  

We have also established our channel on YouTube and moved our previous Dragon Lair Cafe videos to this new channel. Please subscribe to our channel and click the notification bell so you will get notified when we go live or when we post new videos or video announcements (coming soon).