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What curriculum will be Utilized or offered?

Visit our Curriculum page for the most updated information.

What is Inquiry or Project-based learning?

Inquiry-based learning is a form of active learning that starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios. This approach to learning allows for teachers to take the role of facilitator and provide guidance to students who work in small groups around a common problem or scenario. This would not take the place of day-to-day direct instruction, but rather, offer extended learning opportunities to students.

Will Algebra I be offered for students who are recommended for Algebra I in 8th grade?

Algebra I will be offered to those students who are recommended. Visit our Algebra 1 Curriculum page for more information.

Parental Support

Will there be assistance or tutorials for parents, so they are better able to assist their child(ren)?

We recognize that parents will not all have great familiarity with Edgenuity and the Google Classroom platform and tools. We will work with the district Education Technology Dept. to provide a bank of recorded videos for parents, so they also are able to better navigate the platforms and technology tools teachers will use within this virtual learning environment.


What calendar will eCademy K - 8 follow?

Students at this (and all APS) schools will follow the traditional school calendar which can be found on the APS website Calendar page.

School Day

Would ecademy students be on a M-F schedule or Tuesday-Friday like the rest of APS given the current Reentry plan?

Students at eCademy will NOT be in an A/B cohort, they will be required to attend Monday through Friday, each week.

What will my school day look like?

Students will have access to Edgenuity from which teachers will build out mini-lessons. Students will not be receiving direct learning all day every day, rather, they will have a combination of small/whole group direct instruction and peer groups, modules assigned via Edgenuity, pre-recorded videos of instruction to reference, teacher-created assignments, and opportunities to interact with peers often. (May not be all of this each day)

The goal is for teachers to create a culture of community inasmuch as they are able, via small group student discussions, activities, and collaborative groupings. Consideration of actual seat time should be developmentally appropriate for students; it’s important to maintain a balance for all involved. Teachers should provide parents with resources, such as the recorded lessons, regular parent communication and online best practices, so parents are able to assist their students in the learning process.

The younger the student, we recognize the more partnership needed with parents for success. In this sense, we realize teachers will need to take on the role of teacher-coach as they assist parents in this process. We believe once students/teachers/parents are able to live and breathe regular routines and procedures in this online platform, students will become more autonomous with "school" as an online student. All of this said, the actual “school day” will fall between the hours of 8-3, but access to the curriculum (Edgenuity) and Google Classroom is open anytime.

Will students have to be online at a certain time and/or will my child(ren) all be online at the same time?

The school day will begin at 8:30 - All teachers will meet with their respective classes to start the day, greet students, and go over the day's agenda. This will allow for school day routines and procedures to be established, and will also provide students with a structure to build readiness for the school day. Each student will have a schedule with instructional times, breaks, lunch, and independent learning outlined, just as they would in a brick and mortar building. 

Student Interaction/Engagement 

Will there be opportunities for students to engage with other students and teachers?

eCademy K - 8 Online Magnet School is online, or virtual, completely, so students would be attending school from home online. One of the goals we will strive for is to create as many opportunities as possible for students to engage with other students as a means to build relationships with their peers, while also affording them time to forge strong, positive rapport with their teacher(s).

Enrollment Requirements for Kindergarten 

What is required to enroll my child for Kindergarten?

Please visit the APS website for information about requirements for Kindergarten enrollment.


Who can attend?

Students inside and outside Albuquerque Public Schools boundaries are able to enroll.

Will there be a cap on class sizes?

Class sizes will mirror those of classes in a brick and mortar school.

If I enroll my child in online learning, is that a part of his/her current school? Or something separate?

eCademy K - 8 Magnet is a stand-alone school, therefore if you choose to enroll your child(ren) in our school, eCademy would be the only school your child(ren) would be enrolled in as a transfer student.

What do I do if my child(ren) do not have a student number?

If your child(ren) have not been enrolled in an APS school, once you enroll in eCademy K - 8, each student would be assigned a student number.

Is there a limit on the number of K-8 students that can enroll in this school per household?

There is no cap on overall enrollment for eCademy K - 8 for the 2020-2021 school year. We are not limiting the number of students per household however, special consideration is needed when multiple children are participating in online education from within the same household.  For families who choose to enroll multiple students, we will provide information and guidance on best practices for setting up an ideal environment when learning from home.

Will the instruction be solely on the teacher or both teacher/parent?

It will depend on both the age of the student and the ability of the student to manage their learning. Younger students will require assistance from both teacher and parent; the younger the student/grade, the more the parent assistance will be needed. Beyond the teaching duties, teachers can function as a “coach” for parents, if their child(ren) is in primary grades. Students will have access to a classroom teacher and online materials, but we recognize that the teacher will not be “live” and “in person” with students, so parent assistance for some students may be needed.

Will There be a Lottery

Are students being selected by a lottery?

For the 2020-2021 SY, student enrollment is not based on a lottery system. However, beyond September 2020, and in keeping continuity between eCademy K - 8 and eCademy High School, there will be an application process whereby parents can notify the school of intent to enroll.


Are there any enrollment fees/costs?

There are no fees for classes for APS students.

Special Education

How will physical and occupational therapy needs be met?

All therapies will be done via tele-therapy or remote methodology for special education students who have related services (OT, PT, SLP, SW, APE) on their IEP.

If a student has an IEP, receives HOME HEALTH services or is considered HIGH RISK, how will their needs be addressed?

Students receiving these services may enroll however, an IEP Team will need to determine if all goals of each student can be addressed using an on-line format.

What support is available for students with ADHD, Autism, or behavioral challenges?

The Child Find service assists parents and schools with the early identification of children who have, or are at risk of having, a disability. SAT (Student Assistance Team) supports this process for students who may be in need of services.

Gifted Courses

Are gifted courses offered?

We will have gifted teachers. Courses will be determined by the site/master schedule. An IEP team will need to determine if all goals of each gifted student with an IEP can be addressed using an on-line format/methodology.

Will eCademy K - 8 offer content areas beyond ELA and Math to students who are gifted?

There is variability built into Edgenuity, and our teacher of the Gifted will work closely with a student's educational team to ensure students are receiving appropriate and ambitious instruction to meet their needs. The IEP team will need to determine if all goals of each gifted student with an IEP can be addressed using an online format/methodology.

My child was recommended for both Gifted Math and ELA; will they have the same or equivalent classes at eCademy?

There is variability built into Edgenuity, and our teacher of the Gifted will work closely with a student's educational team to ensure students are receiving appropriate and ambitious instruction to meet their needs. The IEP team will need to determine if all goals of each gifted student with an IEP can be addressed using an online format/methodology.