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i-Ready and i-Station Testing

iReady/iStation Testing

  • End of the Year
  • To learn more about the iReady Assessment, go to: i-Ready Central
  • To learn more about the iStation Assessment, go to the IStation website and select the parents/caregivers tab.

Follow these instructions to ensure students are in compliance with testing protocols while testing from homes.

For Learning Coaches, Guardians, And Parents

  1. Ensure students get some rest the night before a test
  2. Ensure your student has a quiet place to work
  3. Remove items that may distract the students
  4. Remove any electronic devices that may invalidate their assessments (failure to do this will result in either the student receiving a failing grade and/or having to retake the test at another time)
    1. Phones
    2. Tablets
    3. Other devices with internet access
  5. Ensure that there is only ONE internet browsing window open and that only the sites directed by the teacher are available.
  6. If teachers require students to log into a Google Meet, make sure the camera is turned on.
  7. Important: Teachers may be required to use Go Guardian to monitor students’ devices during the testing session. This is to ensure that students are on task, not speeding through, and not looking up answers. Nothing else.
  8. Check in on the student during the testing period to:
    1. Encourage them
    2. Help them stay focused
    3. Encourage them to review their work
  9. Do not assist the student with any content or with any reading of the test items and answers. (Unless this assistance is explicitly stated in an IEP document).
  10. If you have questions, please contact us in this order:

    1. Student’s homeroom teacher or advocacy teacher
    2. eCademy K8 Test Coordinator
      1. Philip Olona
    3. Deans
      1. Julie Baker K-5
      2. Justin Duggins 6-8:

For Students

  1. Make sure you get rest the night before a test
  2. Eat something in the morning before testing
  3. Make sure your device is charged and/or plugged in
  4. Have a paper and pencil ready in case you need it AND if allowed by your teacher
  5. Make sure you only have 1 browser window open
  6. Only use the sites directed by your teacher
  7. If required to join a Google Meet, make sure your camera is turned on
  8. Your teacher may use Go Guardian to monitor your device’s screen. Please stay on task.
  9. Use Google Meet to ask your teacher questions
  10. Review all your work

Testing Advice