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Edgenuity Resources 6-8

Edgenuity Help for Families

Edgenuity for middle school is the primary curriculum used at eCADEMY K8. Please take a look at the resources posted to their Family support page to learn more about interacting with the software and supporting learning with Edgenuity.

Edgenuity Help for Families

Logging In

Students sign into Edgenuity by going to the following site. We strongly recommend that students bookmark the site.

Edgenuity for Students

  • Username: aps+ID number (For example, aps970012345)
  • Password: (provided by Advocacy Teacher)
    • Passwords should be changed by clicking on Forgot Password as soon as possible as the original password is a generic one.

Family Portal Resources

The Family portal allows families to access real time attendance reports and progress reports for all of their students in Edgenuity. The Family Portal can be accessed after three easy steps.

  1. School staff must add guardian information to student's account. First name, Last name, and email must be added.
  2. Guardians must activate their account using the activation code sent to them by the school. (Contact your students teacher or a Dean of Students if you need your code).
  3. After setting up your account during the activation process, use your email and the password you created to sign in.
  4. How do I read the Progress Reports? Download a copy of the explanatory document.

Learn more about the family portal.

Tech Support

When Technical issues arise, Parents/Guardians can submit a ticket to eCADEMYK8 to get support: 

Middle School Edgenuity Tech Support

Activating The Family Portal