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Students enrolled at eCademy K8 are required to use APS Chromebooks for several reasons. First, our teachers rely on consistent functionality when assigning tasks and delivering instruction. Additionally, APS Chromebooks are designed specifically to connect to APS systems and integrate seamlessly. Please make sure your student is connecting to eCademy K8 with an APS Chromebook.

  • Student Chromebook Guide - Students can learn more about getting started with their at-home student Chromebook. The guide includes many resources, including a how-to video.

  • Update your Chromebook - Keeping your Chromebook's Operating System up to date is essential. When the Chrome OS does not get updated, your Chromebook may start to misbehave or malfunction. Thankfully, Chrome OS automatically downloads updates and installs them when you shut down the Chromebook. This requires you to shutdown the Chromebook regularly; about once a week should do it. The video linked in the beginning of this paragraph will show you how to manually check the update status of your Chromebook and show you how to manually process any needed updates.