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Open Google Classroom

Open And Check Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an essential component of our teaching and learning platform.

Teachers will utilize Google Classroom for a number of experiences such as but not limited to:

  • Direct Instruction of content
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • Assignments, quizzes, and projects outside of Edgenuity
  • Access to resources (websites, articles, videos, etc.)
  • Community building with all students
  • Class projects and discourse

To this end, it is essential that students are able to get logged in and connected to all their assigned classes.

  • Your goal is to open and verify that you see all of your classes on your dashboard.
  • Many teachers use an auto-sync to roster their Google Classrooms and this system takes 24 hours to populate students. Some teachers manually roster. In either case it would be helpful to email your teacher (as seen in StudentVUE) to introduce yourself if you are missing a Google Classroom on your dashboard.

Google Classroom Dashboard