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+ Checking Grades

Using StudentVUE And Parentvue To Check Grades

Official student grades are found via StudentVue or ParentVue.

While students and families can check progress in Edgenuity via the Student Dashboard or through the Family Portal, official grades are only found through StudentVue and ParentVue. Some teachers may have students completing assignment, quizzes, tests, projects, activities, and/or retakes through Google Classroom. These scores may be outside of Edgenuity and are officially recorded in Synergy, our student management system. As such, when you check grades in Edgenuity, it may not be a complete picture of what the student is achieving. Therefore, please only use StudentVue or ParentVue to obtain an accurate grades.

Official student grades are found via StudentVue or ParentVue.

In an effort to provide students a well rounded academic experience, our teachers will be utilizing a combination of both Google Classroom and Edgenuity at their discretion. The following explains how teachers manage grades. Please remember that while you can check grades in Edgenuity, you will only be looking at a portion of students' Official grade, which can only be found in ParentVue/ StudentVue.

  • Teachers using Both Google Classroom and Edgenuity will weigh each component differently based on the work assigned. For example, a teacher may weigh Google Classroom assignments 40% and Edgenuity work 60% while another may weigh them differently based on the amount being completed.

  • Teachers enter grades into Synergy once a week. We do this to provide students an opportunity to enhance or maintain their grades over the course of a week, as there is so much being done throughout the week.

  • Our grades are cumulative and not averaged from week to week. This means that if a student has a Synergy grade (made up of both Google Classroom Activities and Edgenuity Activities) of 75% on Week One and the teacher adds a score of 82% on Week Two, the two scores are NOT averaged out. Instead, the Week One score is disabled and the Week Two score becomes the official current grade for the student.

ParentVUE Access

Families can access ParentVUE via or by clicking the icon in the header of our website. If you need assistance with your username or password, please call our office and a staff member will be able to help. Please be prepared to share appropriate identification information when you call.

Learn more about ParentVUE from the APS website.

StudentVUE Access

Students, please log into Classlink in order to access your StudentVue

To access Classlink follow these steps:

  • Go to (a.k.a. Classlink)

  • Username: Student ID number (Do NOT type not type JUST type your ID number)

  • Password: Your chromebook password

Type in StudentVUE in the search bar to find the StudentVUE app. Open the app and wait for Classlink to pass on your username and password to StudentVUE