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Check Edgenuity Access

Check Edgenuity Access - Logging In

Students sign into Edgenuity by going to the following site. We strongly recommend that students bookmark the site.

Edgenuity for Students

  • Username: aps+ID number (For example, aps970012345)

  • Password: (provided by Advocacy Teacher)

    • Passwords should be changed by clicking on Forgot Password as soon as possible as the original password is a generic one.

    • Compare your student schedule to your Edgenuity courses to make sure you have all your classes activated.

*Note: Once you log into Edgenuity, you may find that you are behind in your courses.

When a new student is enrolled, you are assigned the course in its entirety from the beginning of the quarter. Once teachers know that you have enrolled, they will make adjustments to your course to ensure you are in the same place as your peers. This means that when you first log in, you may be behind and the next day you log in, you are on target and in a different lesson or activity. This is normal. IF in doubt, always contact your teachers.